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Vanadizing technology of timing chains
Aug 31,2023

With the popularity of turbocharged engines in recent years, the engine timing system needs to face more severe high temperature and high load conditions when working. The chain that can meet the life of naturally aspirated engines can no longer meet the needs of automotive turbocharged engines and diesel engines, so vanadizing technology is developed and adopted.

Vanadizing is a chemical heat treatment method in which the pin is heated with vanadium containing compound vanadium by heating diffusion, and vanadium elements penetrate into the surface of the workpiece to form a vanadium alloy layer. Compared with chromizing, vanadizing can obtain a higher hardness of the surface structure (surface hardness of up to 1800-2700HV), and maintain a better bond with the matrix, so that the pin has higher wear resistance. The wear resistance of chains using vanadium pins is more than 3 times that of chromized chains, and the wear contrast is more obvious on turbocharged and diesel engines.

A plant in cooperation with Sumax is the fourth company in the world capable of stable mass production of vanadium chains.


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