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Who is SUMAX ?


SUMAX is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of Automotive Timing System and related products. Since 2010, SUMAX has been focusing on making the high-quality timing system to drive camshaft,crankshaft,oil pump as well as water pump,and all the components transmit the power for all kinds of engines.

SUMAX has been building comprehensive partnership with worldwide well-known customers to develop and produce different series of high-quality timing system, which can be found in the vehicles around the world.

SUMAX is always dedicated to the improvement of full-process quality control based on Zero Defect Management. To reach this target, continuous progress never stops from the design, material,production, even package under the management system of  TS16949 and ISO9001.


What are SUMAX Products ?

As the professional manufacturer, SUMAX is offering kinds of  timing system and related products. They are fitting for European vehicles, Japanese vehicles, American vehicles,Korean vehicles and Chinese vehicles.


Timing Chain:


As critical component in engines, SUMAX offers a wide range of top quality timing chains with alloy steel, strict heat treatment and accurate assembly. They are fitting for different engine as roller-type chains, bush-type and tooth-type chains.




SUMAX tensioners for chain and belt driving permit smooth running without deviations. They are designed as very accurate composite parts and made of high-strength materials. 100% hydraulic testing of each tensioner proves high-quality warranty.




SUMAX Gear&sprocket is perfectly tuned to the specific application with a 100% fit to ensure that all tooth flanks engage properly in the chain and belt. All of them have grooves or geometry to warrant correctly positioned installation.


Guiding Rail:


Irregular vibrations mean that the engine is exposed constantly to extreme loads. SUMAX guiding rails for chains permit smooth running without deviations. They are designed as composite parts and made of high-strength materials such as sheet metal and plastic or aluminium and plastic.




SUMAX VVT product( Variable Valve Timing) is made of high-density powder metal and high-precision Aluminum casting. Under advanced assembly and testing process, the VVT offers accurate adjustment to save the oil and protect our environment.



Crank Pulley:


As related products of timing system, Crank Pulley prevents the irregular vibration of crankshaft. SUMAX offers comprehensive solution and full ranges of crank pulley.


Hydraulic Tappet&Rocker Arm:


In coordination with the hydraulic valve lash compensation elements, Hydraulic Tappet&Rocker Arm are responsible for permanently constant valve lash to avoid combustion losses or burning of the valve seats. SUMAX offers precision-made parts for a low-wear valve gear, optimum power output and low exhaust emissions.


Gasket Kit:


In order to protect the engine to run in a qualified condition, gasket kit have to be replaced during engine repairing. SUMAX offers professional gasket kit and oil sealing product.

What are SUMAX advantages ?


*SUMAX offers not only product but also solution.

*SUMAX offers not only component but also system.

*SUMAX offers quality warranty of 2 years/60000kms.

*SUMAX offers prompt response as service standard.

*SUMAX offers  weekly shipment as delivery standard.


What are SUMAX philosophies ?


*SUMAX persists OE quality for aftermarket.

*SUMAX pursues Zero-Defect quality management.

*SUMAX strives to make quality with detailed process.